Preschool at Mrs. Alexander's

“A child’s first introduction to school is vitally important to their overall development. It comforts me to know that my child is reliving the same education, love and care that I received at Mrs. A’s almost 30 years ago... and that she is being given the building blocks to not only succeed in school, but more importantly in life.”

“ The quality of the education, the amazing staff and the complete dedication to our children is unsurpassed at Mrs. A’s!”

“Even before I had children, I walked by Mrs. Alexander’s on many occasions and thought what a wonderful setting it would be for children to learn and grow...a beautiful house located across the street from a beach and the water. My son is now a student at Mrs. A’s and my initial feelings were correct, it is a wonderful environment for children to learn with talented and nurturing staff.”


At Mrs. Alexander’s School, each educator is highly qualified and certified in the field of Early Childhood Education. Each educator specializes in a particular area of development: Reading Readiness, Math Readiness, Music & Movement, Arts & Crafts, Language Arts, Science & Safety, Early Readiness, Social Awareness and Cooking.

School Hours
8:00: Early Drop-Off
8:45: Arrival Time
11:45: First Dismissal/Beginning of Extended-Day Program
12:00: Lunch
1:45: Rest
3:00: Continuation of Extended-Day Program
4:00: Final Dismissal

All Extended-Day Programs are billed at the end of each month and are calculated at an hourly rate.

School Year
Regular school begins on the Wednesday after Labor Day and ends on a predetermined Friday in June. Vacations are scheduled to coincide mostly with those of the Beverly Public School calendar. Our “Summer Camp” program is in session Monday through Thursday during the month of July (mornings only).