Our Programs

Language Arts

The Language Arts classroom familiarizes children to books, poetry, and new vocabulary words, such as author and illustrator. Every month a new author introduced and a poem is learned and recited. After learning new poems the children create their own illustrations for the poem which are collected and made into their own original and keepsake poetry book.

Social Awareness

The Social Awareness room explores family and community both in our backyard and across the globe. The children learn about different jobs and their importance within their community as well as mapping activities and an introduction to the Weekly Reader (a newspaper for children). The Social Awareness room is also the block room where the children can use their imagination and social skills to interact and create.


The Science room discovers all areas of science through hands on activities and experiments including exploration of the weather, seasons, five senses, and dinosaurs to name a few. The science room houses a one of a kind, handmade water table that is large enough to hold a group of ten around it at one time. This allows the children to conduct experiments and investigate first hand!


The Math Room explores the world of numbers including number recognition, classifying, sorting, patterns, and graphing through a variety of lessons, number games, and independent exploration. The math room introduces these through different lesson units throughout the school year. The Kindergartners also learn and introduction to addition, subtraction, and how to tell time.


The Readiness Room is a preschool only room where the children learn colors, comparisons, shapes, opposites, positional words and rhyming words. They also learn important information about themselves such as eye color, family, and personal information like their address that is turned into an “all about me” book.

Reading Readiness

The reading readiness introduces children to the alphabet with letter recognition, letter sounds, writing letters, and word definitions. The Kindergartners do all of the above including more phonetic based lessons and working in their “letter books.”

Music and Movement

The Music Room introduces children to the world of music through song, instruments, and movement. The music room also engages the children’s large motor skills and teaches them basic skills such as skipping, hopping, bouncing, and throwing.


The Art Room engages the children’s small motor skills and creativity with activities like play dough, finger paint, and beading. The children also explore different methods of painting and are introduced to using scissors safely and accurately.