“Mrs. Alexander’s has been such a positive experience. The class content is well rounded, packed with stimulating lessons and wonderful hands-on activities. I am amazed every time our daughter comes home with new words or information she can't wait to share with me! This is a true reflection of the caring and dedicated staff! We love this school and especially the kindergarten program!”

At Mrs. Alexander’s School, each educator is highly qualified and certified in the field of Early Childhood Education. Each educator specializes in a particular area of development: Reading, Math, Music & Movement, Arts & Crafts, Science & Safety and Social Awareness.

On Tuesday afternoons (from 11:45-1:45 p.m.) your child will take part in an Enrichment Program, which is supervised by a member of Mrs. A’s staff. This program is a great vehicle for building special units of interest to the children (e.g. maps, composers, artists, holidays etc.)

On Wednesday afternoons (from 11:45-1:45 your child will participate in Kindergarten Around the World. This program is designed to teach your child about different cultures and geography from our back yard and around the world. The cost for the Enrichment Program and Kindergarten Around the World has already been incorporated into your child’s yearly tuition. We also offer an additional program, Arts & Crafts and/or Physical Education, which is scheduled each Thursday afternoon during the school year. If your child participates in the program, you will receive a bill at the end of each month. Child should be age-appropriate for his/her school system and/or be 5 years old by August 31.

School Hours:

8:00: Early Drop-Off
8:45: Arrival Time
11:45: First Dismissal/Beginning of Extended-Day Program
12:00: Lunch
1:45: Rest
3:00: Continuation of Extended-Day Program
5:00: Final Dismissal